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02 Jan


Nurse Staffing Models, Resident Outcomes and System Cost Outcomes in Long-Term Care

January 2, 2009 | By |

In phase one, senior nursing and/or human resources personnel in each of the sample sites will be surveyed to determine the nurse staffing models and the level of knowledge and skill of the nursing staff mix employed in each of their facilities, and the individual strategies and efforts employed by their organization to enhance the long-term care knowledge and skill development of the nursing staff.

Data will be collected from a stratified random sample of 15 complex continuing care hospitals and 15 long-term care facilities from across the province that have greater than 100 beds. Phase two data will involve primary data collection (i.e., surveys of nursing personnel) related to the nursing outcomes. As well, data will be collected from secondary data sources (i.e., facility/unit manager) for the facilities related to system [i.e., nursing turnover, absenteeism, nursing costs (orientation costs, education costs, agency use costs)] and resident outcomes [i.e., Minimum Data Set (MDS) database for residents in chronic care facilities], and comparable data from resident records in long-term care facilities that are not mandated to submit MDS data to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) $302,632.00 (2003-2005)

L. McGillis Hall, D. Pringle, D. Doran, D. Streiner, & G. Pink

Under review