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10 Jul


Sanja Visekruna

July 10, 2016 | By |

Current Status:
Entered PhD September 2014

Sanja Visekruna is a fifth year doctoral student at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. She obtained a Bachelor of Nursing Science in 2009 and a Master of Science (Nursing) in 2012 from Queen’s University.

Her nursing career has encompassed direct care roles in critical care and paediatrics (Type 1 diabetes self-management focus), and an indirect care role in nursing education policy. Sanja’s nursing research interest and passion are in the area of chronic disease self-management, specifically Type 1 diabetes. At the doctoral level, she plans to examine the financial factors related to Type 1 diabetes self-management as well as the organization and accessibility of existing self-management programs specific to this disease in Canada.

Visekruna, S., McGillis Hall, L., Parry, M., & Spalding, K. (2017). Intersecting health policy and the social determinants of health in pediatric type 1 diabetes management and careJournal of Pediatrics, epub ahead of print. DOI 10.10.16/j.pedn.2017.06.001

Sanja Visekruna

Email: sanja.visekruna(at)mail(dot)utoronto(dot)ca