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nurse work life

04 Oct


Florence Nightingale School of Nursing: International Scientific Advisory Board Visit

October 4, 2017 | By |

Professor McGillis Hall is a member of the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing’s International Scientific Advisory Board. The Board met in London, UK, at the School of Nursing, in September 2017.

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01 Jan


Quality Worklife Indicators for Nursing Practice Environments in Ontario: A Critical Synthesis of the Literature and Pilot Study of the Feasibility of Collecting Indicator Data

January 1, 2008 | By |

The purposes of this research were: (a) to conduct a critical review and analysis of the literature on input or structural variables in work settings that can be considered indicators of the quality of nurse’s work life in health care settings in Ontario, and (b) to conduct a pilot study to determine the feasibility of collecting data related to these indicators. Read More